We have found our love towards designing in 2015, maybe even before that. However, like any other love story, it took us some time to make our dreams completely come true! We have succeeded by investing all of our time and effort in our clients. That way we made our circle of trust where our clients are constantly coming back. We are proud to say that our circle is becoming bigger and bigger by each day. Every project means so much to us and we are proud to have some of them in our portfolio!

Years of experience


Projects done

Let’s introduce ourselves

Denis Grzin

CEO / Designer

At this point you are probably wondering who the hell is running this?! As you can see, my name is Denis Grzin and the best way to describe myself is that I am a designer (you would never guess that, would you?) and a huge adventurer who finds his ideas in people and travels. I would say that perfectionism is my main flaw but at the same time a virtue. Take as example that this website has been redesigned 6 times till now and it will probably not stay on that number!

Kristina Klaric


Now that we mentioned Kristina, nobody really knows what she does. She communicates with the clients now and then and writes some emails. Maybe you will have a chance to chat with her some time. Who knows?

Darko Grzin


What could we possibly say about Darko? Well, after designing, the camera is his best friend! And the most important thing, if you don’t want to make him mad and if you have a heart for the ones around him, we are begging you not to send photos in the resolutions lower than 300dps.

We hope you got to meet us a bit and that you can see how open-minded we are and ready for every designer problem coming to us! There is no situation in which we could allow that our client goes away unsatisfied because at the end of the day it creates an image of us.

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