Flyer design

Content placement

Using this smart structure, we really made sure to keep the concentration of the target audience on every single part of the flyer.


In a creative way we hid the eyes of the model in order to draw more attention on the clients logo and not on the photo itself. We bet this logo will stay in your head for a while. It really catches people’s subconscious by being so unusual, so don’t worry if you can’t get rid of it! It is completely normal!

Modern vibes

You are probably thinking what does flyer have to do with being modern. It has been around for ages! Well, you are right. The flyer maybe isn’t the latest way for promoting, but it is definitely a chance for people to physically touch a piece of your business. However, using a QR code we made it easier for them to make a virtual contact as fast as possible.

Content selection

Every single piece we put in projects is always there for a reason. Here we took this unusual photo of the model in order to show how our client perfectly does any retouching services.

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