The Barking Muse
Packaging design


Inside our heads we are still very much like babies, although we don’t want to admit that. Following that, our main goal was to make the product stand out on shelves with its light colors and it will be the first product people will take.


Cute illustrations like this one psychologically make people buy it immediately because all they can think of is using this little shampoo on their pets. You can’t tell us that looking at that tiny butt didn’t make you smile inside a little bit!

Color following brand guidelines

Not only does it follow brand guidelines, but it also makes the product pop up on the shelves. We bet that inside the stores, first thing that catches your attention from the distance is a product just like this one with these bright colors! At the end, it is psychologically proven, so you can’t deny it!

Who really buys this product?

This product buys of course the owner, not the pet. But if with you the situation is different, we would like to meet your pet personally to hear what he thinks about our designs from the first hand. However, with this kind of design, we make up somehow for the price of the product and make an emotional connection between.

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