Upper Grit
logo design


After hearing that our clients brand represents freedom, we thought that a bird is a perfect description of it. Who can possibly be more free than a bird discovering a world without any borders? Because of that, we made a combination of the letter “U” with the wings as a main symbol.


Can’t keep your eyes out of this one? You are not the only one. This logo is designed to attract attention. It looks interesting and perfectly describes the target audience. We know you took a glance at it once again after reading this. Don’t feel guilty at all.


Every logo made by us has its guidelines and this one is no exception either. You have definitely experienced that after seeing one logo which can’t get out of your head. Well, this contributes to that. That way we make sure that people easily memorise the new logo and we also establish a constancy of the brand. This logo can be made really small but will still look like the letter “U” and intrigue your curiosity with its unusual “cuts”.


While making this logo we kept in mind that it needs to look equally good on every kind of material. Not only that, but also to make it simple for printing and sewing.

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